Rafaël Frost

Music Composer for Trailers, Film, Television and Video Games.

Recent Work

Here you can find some examples of my recent work. Click the plus icon to listen to audio material. Click on the specific album cover for more information.

Bullet Men

by Glory Oath + Blood / Warner Chappell

Founded by a clique of up-and-coming Hollywood film composers, Glory Oath + Blood is the bleeding edge of contemporary cinematic scoring. The eclectic group of band members includes an orchestral conductor, vintage synth collector, percussionist guru and a world music multi-instrumentalist. They all work together to create a sound that is at times blisteringly electronic, at others dramatically orchestral, often intensely percussive… but always… CINEMATIC

Asphalt 9

by Gameloft

Asphalt is a series of racing video games developed and published by Gameloft. Games in the series typically focus on fast-paced arcade racing set in various locales throughout the world, tasking players to complete races while evading the local law enforcement in police pursuits

With more than over 120 million downloads, Asphalt is one of the most popular mobile arcade style racing game.

Rafaël's track ``Wildcard`` is featured in Asphalt 9.

Gameloft has the largest development and creation team in the digital games industry: 5,000 developers work in their production studios, With 21 studios throughout America, Europe and Asia Gameloft and 2.8 million new Gameloft games are downloaded every day, Gameloft is one of the biggest players on the gaming market.

Drums Of Anarchy

by Fringe Music

Drums of Anarchy is 26 tracks of bone rattling trailer percussion that packs a punch. A collection of driving hybrid electronic leaning cues with hints of glitch, jungle madness, and yes, ticking clocks. Loaded with signature sound design bliss, and a general sense of ass kickery.
And on drums... Lisle Moore, Darius Moldovan, Joshua Crispin, Harel Tsemah, Itay Steinberg, Jaroslav Beck and Rafaël Frost.


by Virtual Fairground

Rafaël Frost created 4 tracks for the mobile game, Pulse. A dance themed rhythm game for iPhone and Steam.

Virtual Fairground, a Dutch video game developer from Amsterdam acquired the Dutch Flash development studio Flashclub in 2008 and renamed it BigWheel Studio to serve as main development outfit.

Rafaël Frost

I am a library music composer for Trailers, Film, TV and Video Games

and an electronic music producer, remixer and label owner at Frost Recordings.

Being born and raised in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, I moved to Israel in 2015 with my family. After my 10 year career as an artist in the EDM scene, I discovered to world of Production Music and fell in love with music all over again.

From the day I have started making music in 1993 until this day I am still gaining knowledge with each new project. It is a never ending journey, which as a perfectionist, sometimes creates hurdles to overcome on the way, but at the same time is the exact thing what makes me enjoy my work most.


Electronic Music

A big part of my musical background comes from electronic music. Having had a long career as a producer and DJ I felt it was time to focus on other types of music. I have had the pleasure of working with many great artists and touring around the world performing at events like A State Of Trance’, ‘Full On Ferry Ibiza’, ‘Dance Valley,’ ‘Cream’, ‘Ministry Of Sound’, Miami WMC. My passion for electronic will always stay and I will be releasing new material on my label whenever my schedule allows it.